The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) recently announced a request for transportation project priorities for Fiscal Year 2021/2022. As the lead transportation planning agency for Polk County, the Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is responsible for developing a list of Priority Transportation projects for review by FDOT during their development of the Five Year Work Program for Polk County.

The TPO accepts applications and project proposals from local governments for the following categories:

  • Transportation Alternatives: Safety improvements (traffic calming, pavement markings), Multi-modal safety enhancements (bicycle, pedestrian or transit), Off road/off system trails and streetscaping (corridor branding).
  • Complete Streets: Bicycle/Pedestrian facilities (sidewalks, bike lanes, transit access), safety improvements (lighting, crossing signals, ITS), transit enhancements (shelters, benches, bike racks, pull offs, corridor analysis, ADA access/compliance) and/or low cost traffic operation.
  • Local Multi-Use Trails: new trails, extension or new phase of existing trail, improved trail crossings at major roads.
  • Regional Multi-Use Trails: Projects in this category must be identified on the RMUT network in both the TPO’s Momentum 2040 and the West Central Florida Chairs Coordinating Committee’s Long Range Transportation Plan.

A project applicant or sponsor can by any municipality, county, state, federal or other public agency willing to accept future maintenance of the facility by entering into a maintenance agreement with FDOT and is willing to support any other actions necessary to fully implement the proposed project.



  • February 1, 2016: FDOT pre-application forms are due to TPO
  • May 2, 2016: Final project applications are due to TPO
  • June 2016: TPO Board adoption of Priority Projects





Contact Xiomara Meeks at 863.534.6551 or xiomarameeks@polk-county.net.


Momentum 2040


By the year 2040 Polk County is projected to be home to more than 1 million people. Create momentum for Polk's roads, trails and transit of the future by getting involved with our Long Range Transportation Plan update.