2017 Priority Transportation Projects Committee Meeting

Each year the TPO is responsible for developing a list of Priority Transportation Projects and submitting the list to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for consideration during development of the Five Year Work Program for Polk County.

The TPO accepts applications and project proposals from local governments for the Transportation Alternatives Program (TA), Complete Streets (CS), Multi-Use Trail (MUT), Regional Multi-Use Trail (RMUT), and Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) projects as a method of prioritizing projects included in the annual TPO Priority Transportation Projects list.  These projects are based on the goals and objectives of the TPO’s adopted Momentum 2040 and are intended to promote safety, enhance mobility and reduce congestion, for all users of the transportation system. 

March 6, 2017: Committee review of Priority Projects
June 2017: The TPO Board will adopt the Priority Projects

The Priority Projects submitted this year include:

From Haines City

  • 12th Street Sidewalk:
    • This project would install 6,650 LF of sidewalk along the east side of 12th Street and Lee Jackson Highway, from Melbourne Avenue to just south of Smith Road.
  • Haines City Rail Trail Phase II:
    • This project entails construction of 2,600 LF of sidewalk (6 feet wide) along County Road 544, starting at 10th Street running west to the existing Rail Road. Then 5,650 LF of asphalt trail (12 feet wide) along the west side of the existing rail road, from County Road 544 running north to Grace Avenue.
  • Johnson Avenue Complete Street:
    • The project is between US 17/92 to 12th Street.  It will extend Johnson Ave west from 13th Street to 12th Street and install bike lanes on both sides of the street and sidewalk on the south side.
  • US 17/92 Sidewalk:
    • This project would install 2,760 LF of sidewalk along the east side of US 17/92, from Hinson Avenue to Johnson Avenue.

 From Lakeland

  • Josephine Street Sidewalk:
    • Project includes the construction of a 6-foot wide concrete sidewalk between Central Avenue and the Westgate-Central Trail that will be under construction in February 2017. Sidewalk will be located on the north side of the street between Central Avenue and Pinewood Avenue and the south side of the street between Pinewood Avenue and the Westgate-Central Trail.
  • North Crystal Lake Drive Sidewalk:
    • This project includes the construction of a 1,500-foot-long concrete sidewalk section on the north side of North Crystal Lake Drive to eliminate an existing gap from just west of Longfellow Boulevard (at Southeastern University) to Willow Point Drive.
  • Tenoroc Trail PD&E Study:
    • The funding request is to advance a required PD&E Study for the Tenoroc Trail Corridor from Segment One to the Braddock Road overpass at SR 570/Polk Parkway.
  • Three Parks Trail West:
    • Project includes the construction of a 10-foot wide asphalt path on 1.) the east side of Cleveland Heights Boulevard between the current Three Parks Trail South terminus near Robin Road and Westover Street and 2.) along the north side of Westover Street to a point just east of the Lakeland YMCA's eastern driveway. This project will require the removal of the existing five-foot wide sidewalk on the east side of Cleveland Heights Boulevard.

 From Polk City

  • Broadway Boulevard Trail Connector:
    • This project is a trail connection from the intersection of Broadway Boulevard SE (SR 559) and Lakeshore Drive to the existing Polk City sidewalk at the intersection of Broadway Boulevard SE (SR 559) and Commonwealth Avenue N (SR 33) with single crosswalk repainting at Commonwealth Avenue and the western terminus of Lakeshore Drive.

 From Polk County

  • Bus Shelters:
    • This application is for a total of 7 transit shelter and landing pad improvements throughout Polk County.
  • Wabash Avenue Complete Street:
    • This project has been identified as a need through the Neighborhood Mobility Audits and the Complete Street Action Plans.  This corridor was selected based on safety considerations, economic development initiates and the need to provide additional connectivity in this traditionally underserved neighborhood (Environmental Justice Area).  The installation of sidewalks on the east side, construction of pedestrian cross-over island, transit and lighting improvements will improve safety and connectivity.
  • Havendale Complete Street:
    • This project will add pedestrian and bicycle facilities to SR 544/Havendale Blvd.

 From Polk Transportation Planning Organization

  • SR 37 Sidewalk:
    • This project will fill the sidewalk gaps on both sides of SR 37 from Carter Road to Fitzgerald Road.
  • SR 60 Sidewalk:
    • Construct five-foot wide, four-inch thick concrete sidewalk on the east side and west side of SR 60 bridge from South 4th Street to South 7th Street in City of Lake Wales.

 From Winter Haven

  • Avenue K NE Complete Street:
    • This project is located from SR 549 (East Lake Silver Drive) to East Lake Martha Drive.  Avenue K, NE is a City-maintained local street consisting of two 11-foot travel lanes. There are limited sidewalks along the roadway. Drainage is a mixture of curb and gutter with underground storm water piping and grass shoulders. Adjacent development is characterized as urban with residential uses developed at setbacks ranging from 20 feet to approximately 50 feet from the edge of right-of-way. The existing street will be converted into a corridor with two 10 to11-foot travel lanes (existing), landscaping, rain gardens, 5 to 6-foot sidewalks and intersection improvements at East Lake Martha Drive and West Lake Martha Drive. All of the improvements will be constructed within the 50-foot Avenue K, NE right-of-way. Conduit for future street lighting upgrades would also be installed as part of the project.
  • 6th Street SW and Avenue G SW Complete Street:
    • This project will run along 6th Street SW 1,100± feet from approximately 200 feet south of Avenue G, SW to US Highway 17. This project will also install infill sidewalks along Avenue G, SW from Seventh Street, SW to Fifth Street, SW.

 To help with the application process the TPO has put together a few documents:

The presentations from the workshop are listed below:

For more information, please contact:

Xiomara Meeks
Senior Transportation Planner 

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