TPO Adopts 2014 Priority Transportation Projects

At its June 12. meeting the TPO Board adopted its 2014 Priority Transportation Projects.

The list is a set of approved candidate projects that are prioritized for the TPO fpr funding of various phases of the projects.

The board's Top 3 Priority Transportation Projects per the approval are:

1. Bartow Northern Connector Phase II

Requesting funds for construction of this new 4-lane road between US 17 and State Road 60 fiscal year 2016-17

2. Lakeland / Winter Haven TMA SU Funds

Request for the 2019-20 fiscal year to set-aside funds for candidate complete street, congestion management, resurfacing supplement, multi-use trail and safety projects.

3. Fort Fraser Trail Crossing

Request for funds in fiscal year 2016-17 for the design of a multi-use trail crossing on US 98 across the Polk Parkway.

Please check out all of the TPO's adopted Priority Transportation Projects by clicking here.

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