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Sidewalks and Trails Investment

Our Investment in Sidewalks and Trails

The Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) works with local governments and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to fund new sidewalks and multi-use trails.  These projects improve safety and expand travel options.   The TPO sets-aside $6 million annually to design and construct complete street projects including sidewalks and trails. 

During the last five years, the TPO invested over $27 million towards the construction of sidewalks and trails.  This included the construction of sidewalks (“Safe Routes to School” projects) to Lake Alfred Elementary, Denison Middle School, Polk Avenue Elementary, and Eastside Elementary.  It also included the construction of all or a portion of the Chain of Lakes Trail, Haines City Trail, Lake Alfred Trail, Lake Beulah Trail, Lake Howard Drive Trail, New Jersey Trail, Panther Point Trail, Peace River Trail and Three Parks Trail.

Sidewalk and Trail Investment graphic showing left arrow representing the $27 million invested last 5 years and right arrow representing $16 million to be invested next 5 years.

During the next five years, over $16 million is programmed in the FDOT work program for sidewalks and trails. To find out more about these projects, check out our Transportation Improvement Program or use the interactive map to find projects in your area

Sidewalk and Trail Investment Word Cloud