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Bicycle Safety Action Plan

Over the last ten years, more than 2,400 bicyclists and pedestrians have been injured while traveling on roads in Polk County.  To address this problem, the Polk TPO has prepared Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plans to identify specific actions that can be taken to reduce the number and severity of bicycle and pedestrian crashes.

The plans document the need for improved pedestrian and bicycle safety.  They include comprehensive analyses of pedestrian and bicycle crashes with a review of where, when and how crashes occur.  The plans identify high crash areas within Polk County and the most common types of crashes.  The high crash areas, or corridors, are then prioritized for more detailed analysis as part of roadway safety audits.

The plans proposed engineering (physical improvements), education and law enforcement strategies to improve safety.  These strategies reflect best practices and address the types of crashes most common to Polk County.

To obtain a copy of this document, please contact the Polk TPO at 863-534-6486.