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2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

What is the Long Range Transportation Plan?

The Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) approved the Long Range Transportation Plan for 2045 on Dec. 10, 2020.. This plan identifies and addresses future transportation needs and presents a vision for how transportation investments and policies will serve and promote the long term growth management strategy for Polk County.

2045 LRTP Videos

About Polk TPO

The Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) works with the Florida Department of Transportation and local governments to plan and fund transportation projects that provide safe, reliable travel for all users.

Why do we need a LRTP?

Having safe, efficient, and reliable travel options are important for creating a thriving community with a strong economy. The Polk LRTP characterizes current and future transportation needs and highlights the various multi-modal recommendations to address those needs in our community.

How can I get involved?

Over the course of the 2045 LRTP development, the TPO conducted a number of outreach and coordination activities with community stakeholders. To weigh in on future plans, join our Adviser Network.

Important Dates:

Fall 2019 (Plan Kick-Off)

  • Travel Demand Model Validation
  • Preparation of 2045 Population & Employment Forecast
  • Initiate Four Corners Plan Coordination
  • LRTP Goals and Objectives
  • Preliminary Public Outreach  Efforts

Summer 2020 Workshop

Fall 2020

  • Oct. 22 at 4 p.m.
    Watch recording
  • October 8 - Draft Plan presented to TPO Board. Review the document here: Polk 2045 Draft LRTP
  • Public Comment Period: Oct. 8 - Dec. 10
  • Long Range Transportation Plan adoption hearing: Dec. 10

LRTP Community Remarks Website:

These interactive maps show projects in your area.

LRTP Community Remarks Map

2045 LRTP Documents

Documents will be listed here as they become available.

Final Document: Polk 2045 LRTP Final Report
Amended Document: Polk 2045 LRTP Final Report - Amended 12/09/21

The Polk County Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) updates its Long Range Transportation Plan every five years to ensure that it includes the latest social, demographic, and economic characteristics of our community.