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Transit Development Plan

The Transit Development Plan (TDP) is a 10-year plan that guides the community investment in transit services. It identifies how to best serve the mobility needs of residents, employees and visitors. The TDP is required of each transit agency receiving funding from the Florida Department of Transportation and undergoes annual updates, with a major update every five years. Polk County’s TDP is developed with extensive public outreach, in coordination between the Citrus Connection, the Polk TPO, and all 17 municipalities within our county.

April 29 Virtual Update:



In 2022, the Polk TPO, in coordination with Citrus Connection and the 17 municipalities will develop the 2023-2032 Major Update to the Polk TDP.

Upcoming meetings:

September 14 – LAMTD Board Meeting 
8:30 a.m. at Citrus Connection offices, 1212 George Jenkins Blvd., Lakeland
TPO staff will present the Draft TDP, and start the 28-day comment period

October 12 – LAMTD Board Meeting
8:30 a.m. at Citrus Connection offices, 1212 George Jenkins Blvd., Lakeland
TPO staff will present the the Final TDP for Adoption.

You can review the Proposed Draft Transit Development Plan here: 2022 Draft Transit Development Plan


The 2017-2026 Transit Development Plan, called "My Ride" was the major update to the 10-year strategic plan for the vision of public transportation in Polk County. This TDP effort was performed and submitted to the Florida Department of Transportation by the Polk TPO on behalf of the Lakeland Area Mass Transit District (LAMTD). LAMTD is the transit agency that administers and operates the consolidated Citrus Connection transit network, which includes the Lakeland and Winter Haven urbanized areas, as well as the rural areas of Polk County. Below you can download a copy of the 2017-2026 TDP major update, as well as the annual reports.

TDP Report:

2017-2026 - MyRide - TDP - Adopted 8/9/2017

Annual Reports:

2019 TDP Annual Report - Adopted 8/14/2019
2020 TDP Annual Report - Adopted 8/12/2020

Proposed 10 Years Transit Needs Map:
Polk Transit Vision TDP 2032- Citrus Connection-Draft Proposed Needs Map